Love is a crucial human need, driving our greatest achievements and deepest sorrows.

If love is so vital, why do we often misunderstand it? I’ve always been fascinated by love, experiencing its light and dark sides. Through my journey, I’ve learned to distinguish between Wise Love, which heals and frees, and Emotional Love, which causes pain and entrapment.

Sad CoupleIn the next few weeks, I’ll explore the “Myths About Love that Destroy Love,” insights that could prevent much heartache if we had learned them earlier.

Let’s delve into Myth 1: The Mind-Reading Myth

The common belief is, “If you love me, you’ll know what I want.” This mindset leads to disappointment because it’s unrealistic to expect others to read our minds.

It’s astounding how many of us, myself included, have been misled by this myth, causing unnecessary turmoil.

In reality, only we can truly understand and communicate our needs, rather than expecting others to intuit them.

The assumption that others can automatically discern our wants sets us up for failure. Believing that meeting our partner’s needs will ensure they meet ours often results in frustration and unmet expectations.

How did this myth originate?

It might have started in childhood, when we were taught to prioritize others’ demands over our own instincts, or when we mistook occasional fulfillment of our needs as a sign of love.

Unfortunately, we teach people how to treat us by the way we treat ourselves.

The Solution . . .

Reconnect with your inner self to understand what you truly need, and then take the initiative to fulfill those needs independently. If we cannot provide ourselves with respect, appreciation, and love, it is unfair to expect others to do the same.

Sick of Myths and Assumptions as Your Love Guide?

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