About Me

Sanya Bari

I help HIGH ACHIEVERS unlock their DEEP PURPOSE, connecting them to their FREEDOM, JOY, AND FULFILLMENT.

I will help YOU get to your limitless potential so YOU can create the LIFE and LOVE you have always DREAMED of.

Here’s the
“Official” Bio…

Sanya Bari helps people who may appear to ‘have it all’ get to their ‘even more’ by helping create deep inner freedom, joy, and fulfillment in their life and love.

Leaders and high achievers, people you may assume don’t need a coach, come to create a depth of experience in life and love that can only come from deep courage and an unshakable commitment to what they want. 

Her clients have included: Presidents to International Corporations, National News Anchors, Olympic athletes, Movie Stars, Political Candidates, Judges, Medical Doctors, even a Rocket Scientist – people who won’t settle for anything less than creating a life and love that exemplifies their deepest potential.

An expert in love and relationships, Sanya has received:

– Dual Masters in Counseling Psychology

– 3-year Advanced Certification in Spiritual Psychology

– Licensed Professional Counselor (therapist)

– National Certified Counselor

– Trauma Specialist

– Accelerated Resolution Therapist

– Discernment Counselor (gauge the potential of saving a relationship)

Sanya’s big picture is to be a forerunner in challenging self-destructive beliefs about love and life, to prevent emotional pain, confusion, and deep loss that obscures purpose and potential.

Born in Pakistan, raised in Saudi Arabia with a pack of 5 close-knit siblings and doting parents, Sanya loves being in the calm of Bernardsville, New Jersey and the passion and presence of Haleiwa, Hawaii.

Here’s the
‘other’ Bio…

Sanya Bari

Here’s the
‘other’ Bio…

My name is Sanya Bari. I’ve been betrayed, heartbroken, and rejected. I failed more times that I have succeeded. I’ve been so hopeless I have lost my will to live. My journey was more like an fist fight in the alley, neither elegant nor glamorous. The light in my work comes from embracing the depths of my own darkness.

I have coached clients who’ve been bullied, abused, assulted. Who have lost their children, their homes, thier money, thier hope and thier dignity.
And I have also been a leader, a coach, and an advisor to high level thinkers and leaders for over 20 years. I have had coaching sessions with clients from abuse shelters and private jets.
It took me what felt like forever to get out of the hamster wheel that kept recreating my worst nightmare until I created the courage to face my deepest fears, and I have helped others do the same.

I have become intimately familiar with the ‘secrets challenges’ of people who experience exceptional LIVES and LOVE. I have found the common threads that unite us in our personal challenges that no one is exempt from.
I myself, am a reformed people pleaser and control freak and I am never done learning more ‘about’ myself ‘for’ myself.