Transformational Healing

A 5 Month Virtual School that uses

Science & Compassion to Heal Patterns Of Pain for the LAST TIME.

About The School

No matter how privileged or complicated our lives may be, we will experience our own brand of ‘personal pain’.

This personal pain keeps repeating through our lives creating a Pain Cycle. Unless we make a conscious choice to interrupt this cycle and bring about healing, this pain keeps intterupting our lives, creating the exact life experieneces we want to avoid the most.

If we cannot find a healthy ‘solution’ out of this Pain Cycle we can run start feeling trapped and demoralized, and experience hopelessness and despair.

Sanya Bari

The School For Transformational Healing uses emotional technology developed by a combination of science and compassion.

It is designed to provide a through SOLUTION for healing unresolved pain, hurt and upset.

This emotional technology has the ability to heal and dissolve your Pain Cycle.

“I felt trapped in my life. I could never believe that deep healing, freedom, and peace of heart and mind were possible for me. I thought it sounded too good to be true, but just 3 months in, it’s as if a completely new world has opened up for me. I see things like I’ve never seen before. This work has helped me reboot and recreate my life. I have evidence now that deep and lasting healing is possible for me, and for all of us.” – Workshop Participant

All Broken Hearts are Welcome . . .

Maybe you are trying to recover from a break-up, divorce, passing-on of a loved one, infidelity, other kinds of betrayals, loss of love, abandonment, sexual, emotional, or physical abuse. 

Maybe you want to heal an insecure attachment or invite new love into your life. Maybe you are ready to let go of your pattern of pain or would like to resolve the emptiness you feel despite your success – all are welcome.

The requirement is that you committed to letting go of the pain that has held you captive. That you are willing and motivated to drive through any resistance and do what it takes to heal your heart for the last time.’

The TH School is for anyone who is willing to push beyond the resistance, and the doubt, go to unfamiliar territories within themselves and heal from the inside out.

The school is set for a transformation – sustainable, recreatable relief and healing that does not require anyone else’s healing or contribution. 

The School for Transformational healing is desgined to create the shortest distance between you and your healing.

The School For Transformational Healing Consists Of

Live Classes
5 Monthly Virtual Class Sessions (2.5 days each)

Group Calls
Monthly Group Calls in Between Class Sessions

Peer Support
Monthly Partner Calls. Consistent Community Connection

Bonus Session

Monthly 60-min Private Sessions for registerations before December

WhatsApp Group
Consistent Guidance From Sanya Via Private WhatsApp Chat

Private Coaching

Two 60-min Individual Coaching Sessions With Sanya Bari

(PLUS – One 60 min session per month when you register before 12/2022)

What Will Happen In Live Virtual Class Session

The class begins to feel like a family very soon. The non-judgmental and loving environment of the class is healing on its own. The best part is that you get to apply everything you learn to your own personal situation so you are learning skills, tools, and healing as the program progresses. It’s priceless to approach your healing in the company of others going through  shared experiences.

The Transformations at TH School includes

From Just Living To ‘Being Alive’

Upgrade from happiness and satisfaction to JOY & FULFILLMENT.

From Just Living To ‘Being Alive’

Upgrade from happiness and satisfaction to JOY & FULFILLMENT.

From Surviving to Thriving

Transform your survival mechanisms & experience EMOTIONAL FREEDOM..

From Being Lead to Leading

Manage your emotions & experience CONSISTENT PEACE & WHOLENESS.

From Recycling to Recreating

Don’t keep recycling your pain back into your life. Heal the cycle for the last time.

From Reacting to Responding

Respond instead of reacting. Gain confidence in your ability to regulate your emotions.

From Pain to Empowerment

Use your greatest challenges as a vehicle to experience your greatest healing & evolution.

From Indecisive to Confident

Learn to make life-changing decisions from your deep wisdom that you don’t regret.

From Controlling to Inspiring

Affect change around you by ‘being’ the change you want to see in others.

From Dependency to Independence

Connect to peace, trust, security, and integrity without anyone’s blessings or contribution.

From Stagnation to Flow

Open up blocked creativity, self-expression, and the ability to love deeply and brazenly.

If you knew YOU COULD FINALLY BE FREE OF THE PAIN, upset, and hurt you have carried around for so long, what would you do?

Deep, sustainable HEALING & FREEDOM ARE POSSIBLE FOR YOU, and for ANYONE who is clear that they are done hurting.

Are you ready to heal for the last time?

“This work has literally taken a weight off of me that I have been carrying all my life. I feel light. I can breathe better. I feel so free. It’s as if I finally have the permission to be me.”

Workshop Participant

This Is a School

Like any school, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it.

This work WORKS if you work it. I have had the honor to witness countless examples of transformation, including my own.

The more present and participatory you are in class, the more you will be able to get what you want from it.

The tools, methods, and processes are carefully developed to provide movement and a transformation where you feel stuck the most.

It allows you to dissolve the barriers that prevent you from creating the life and love you have always wanted.

What DO want to create, experience, do, and be in your life and love?

WHAT is standing in your way?

What are you willing to do to get over the barriers?

TH is designed to help you answer these questions and more.

The school format keeps giving you guidance, support, and encouragement but makes sure you arrive at the answers yourself to create emotional independence.

Through these processes, you create the ability to arrive at your own answers.

“It is the greatest gift of all to learn how to get out of your own blocked corners.” – Workshop Participant

Who Is this School For:

This school is for you if you:

  • Are trying to find a solution to your pain and are frustrated nothing has helped so far.
  • Are finding it hard to get closure or heal after a break-up or loss of a loved one.
  • Are sick of your pain, anger, and resentment controlling you.
  • Are trying to find peace and healing in the aftermath of infidelity or other betrayals.
  • Are looking for closure and healing after a loss.
  • Are trying to make a decision that you don’t want to regret later.
  • Are not happy with the way your life has turned out and want a personal transformation.
  • Are stuck in an endless loop to nowhere and don’t know how to get out of it.
  • Are in-between relationships and don’t want the old patterns to show up again.
  • Are nervous about dating again after a challenging relationship.
  • Are looking for a loving long-term relationship or marriage.
  • Are looking to attract a high-quality partner instead of time-wasters.
  • Are looking for guidance, and support in creating the life and love you have always wanted.
  • Are a fairly successful person but still feel empty inside.
  • Are looking to experience joy, emotional freedom, and fulfillment.
  • Are struggling to communicate with love to experience connection.
  • Are a therapist or a coach and want to learn how to take your clients to a deeper level of transformational healing.

“The group format helped me realize there are so many others like me that are working through the pain I have been struggling to resolve all my life. It helped me drop any misunderstandings that I need to be perfect and keep a fake facade to please others. It’s so freeing to just be me and then to get real life proof that everyone still loves me when I am being ‘me’.”

The Coolest Thing About Doing This Work in A Group Format is That:

  • It consistently gives you regular opportunities to work with yourself, so you are getting experiential learning as the program progresses.
  • The barriers you dissolve to heal your greatest pain are also the barriers that hold you back from being the best version of yourself. When you heal yourself you open yourself to the potential of applying your learning to evolve any or all aspects of your life where you may have felt stuck in the past whether it is your finances, creativity, parenthood, or your work.
  • You don’t just learn from insight about yourself by getting in touch with yourself. Many times the greatest insights come when you can observe yourself in another person who is processing what you are going through. The variety of thoughts, experiences, and personalities create a learning experience that is rich beyond expectation. There is a camarderie in healing and evolving together that creates positive and healing friendships and connections that last for years and allow you to continue your progress well beyond the class.

“You have to be trying very hard to fail to not experience a transformation with this work. The processes are so powerful that you get healed as you’re going through the classes.”

– Participant of a Transformational Healing Class.

Limited Enrollment:

The school will only accept 12 motivated individuals.

Once 12 people have been accepted, the registration WILL be closed.

Anyone who wants to join after that will be placed on the waitlist for the January 2025 school.

2024 Schedule

All classes are virtual – on Zoom Video Calls.

Class Dates:

Please note these preliminary dates will be finalized in July.

January Class 4-6, 2024

February Class 1-3, 2024

March Class 2/29 – 3/2, 2024

April Class 11-13, 2024

May Class 9-11, 2024



6 pm – 7:30 pm* (EST)

3 pm – 4:30 pm* (PST)

Fridays & Saturdays:

9.30 am – 3.30 pm* (EST)

6.30 am – 12.30 pm* (PST)

*All ending times are approximate

**Program is limited to 12 participants.

Dates subject to change

Early Enrollment Bonus Features!

Bonus Private Coaching Sessions

For those signing up before December:

1 private coaching session per month by Zoom or by phone

Tuition Options:

1 Payment of $4,900. Due upon registration. More Payment Options and Scholarship Available – Email Sanya directly for more information

Class Size: Limited to only 12 motivated individuals.

Bonus Mid-Monthly Calls:

This is an opportunity to ask any questions that you may have.

All Mid-Monthly calls are from 12 noon – 1 pm* EST, 9 am – 10* am PST
*Ending time is approximate

January 17th, 2024

February 13th, 2024

March 13th, 2024

April 17th, 2024

May 22nd, 2024

*All ending times are approximate.
**Program is limited to 12 participants.

Dates subject to change

What Does It Mean To Heal For The Last Time?

Healing that does not need ANYONE’s blessings or contribution but yours. This way you can achieve it and recreate it for yourself whenever you want.

Healing that leads to sustainable and reproducible:

  • Inner peace – peace of heart, peace of mind
  • Experience of wholeness, being fulfilled and complete, without any conditions

When Do I Know That I Am Healed?

You know you are healed when you can:

  • ‘Use’ your greatest pain to enable your greatest healing, evolution, and empowerment.
  • See your greatest challenge as a blessing as it gave you the impetus, the guidance, and the courage to embrace your healing and bring it home.
  • Enjoy and nourish a deep relationship of love, reverence, kindness, and compassion with your Self that is so integrity with who you are when you are not defending, and so complete that you don’t see a separation between any part of you whether they are a defective, imperfect part of you or a beautiful divine part of you.
  • Keep coming to peace and love even when things around you are not peaceful or loving.
  • You ‘want’ but don’t ‘need’ anyone, anything, or any situation in your life. When you are no longer chasing people, things, and situations to feel complete. When you have an experience of being complete, whole, and fulfilled on your own.

Note: Email more questions to


What will you do in the 5 months of this school that will suddenly make me create the life and love I want all my life?

In the School for TH, you will learn your specific pain patterns, and blocks to love, and step by step walk you through the process of dissolving one block at a time. There is a high level of support with the mid-monthly group calls, the WhatApp chat support, and the monthly peer calls. The group format helps you learn by the example and support of your classmates as well. The class starts to feel like a family very soon.

There are monthly self-reports to check your progress so you can have the greatest chance of making your intention real.

The class is set up in a way that you have to be trying hard not to get it.

Why is this school for 5 months?

It’s very helpful that the class stretches the span of 5 to 6 months so that we can learn, try to implement what we learned, make mistakes, come back to the drawing board and figure our way back. The best learning takes place when we figure things out for ourselves. The 5-6 months of class allows you to get guidance and support but also has spaces for you to figure things out on your own.

How can you be sure that I can release the pain I’ve had all my life in just 5 months?

Releasing, dissolving, and resolving pain take a moment. The 5 month period allows you to go through as many processes, tools, support systems, etc. to make it happen as smoothly as possible.

There can accidentally develop a subconscious desire to keep the pain going. My encouragement would be not to see this as complicated, difficult, time-consuming, etc.

Can we join as a couple? Wouldn’t it be weird if we are in the same class? I feel like I’m likely not going to share deeply if they are listening.

It’s not weird, in fact, it is a great idea to join this class as a couple. When a couple makes an individual and mutual commitment to healing the progress is much faster.

Couples who take this class together have the opportunity to create a nest of security in which they can mentor each other without getting hurt. Since both people are exposed to the same information it is very connecting to discuss what you learned in class with each other.

There are opportunities to share in small groups, one on one groups, and private coaching as well. You will have plenty of time to share.

If you are a couple joining as a last resort I will know this in the pre-admission interview, and I will keep a close eye on the goals and intentions you make or keep so have an effective experience in class.

What if my issue is my relationship and my partner doesn’t want to join. Will it still work if I’m the only one attending?

Yes, your relationship will evolve even if you are the only one joining. When one family member chooses to fully stand in the light of who they really are – nothing else is ever the same.

Will I have to share my pain in class? I’m a private person and don’t like to air my dirty laundry. I’m afraid of sharing in class.

You don’t have to share in class if you don’t want to. You can just say pass. There are opportunities to share in groups of 3, one on one with another student, and with Sanya Bari in private coaching (twice during the 6-month period).

Why are you so confident that this works? It sounds too good to be true.

I have personal and clinical proof that this work works if you work it. I too was wandering around looking for a ‘solution’ and only finding surface fixes.

This work allows you to heal from the inside out. To experience healing that is re-creatable.

What's the schedule like? In a month how much time commitment would I have to make to attend this school?

You must attend all monthly class meetings live virtually. These 2.5-day meetings are on:

Thurs night, 6-9 pm EDT

On Fri and Sat., 8.30 am – 3.30 pm EDT

Please refer to the class schedule.

There will be a mid-monthly question and answer group call from 11.30 am to 1 pm. You don’t have to attend this.

The class meetings and the mid-monthly group calls will be recorded. You will have access to this recording till the end of the school year.

You will have a one-hour peer call with a classmate that will be randomly assigned to you once a month.

If I can’t attend the class on Saturdays because of religious reasons, does this mean I cannot join?

In case of a special circumstance like that you can still join but will have to commit to watching the recordings within 72 hours after the Sat class. The class assistants can help you complete any work that you are missing.

Is there going to be homework?

All assigned homework is carefully selected and designed to accelerate your progress in class.

There are two forms of homework assigned. One would be to do practical homework which is necessary to make a transformation. For example, creating habits, and training on beliefs, attitudes, and ways of thinking. Using a protocol of attending to a moment of pain, etc. The practical homework includes having two one-hour monthly meetings with a different classmate each month that will be randomly assigned to you.

The other kind of homework would be reading books, articles, etc. which is optional.

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