What if you spent most of your life doing the ‘right’ things, giving it your all to complete the assumed ‘succuess check-list of life’, in the hope that one day you will make it. One day you will be good enough, okay, complete, validated, successful, etc.

What if you DO ‘make it’?

What if you DO get the cars, the homes, the relationship, but when the noise settles, AFTER you have already conqured more quests than you imagined entering, you realize that you still feel empty and unstatified with all you thought would fill you?

What if you realize you feel alone in a crowd, in a marriage, in a family?

What if you feel like a farce in the midst of receiving accolades?

What do you do then?

The thoughts and beliefs that have helped you SURVIVE the pains and violations you could not heal when you were younger will PREVENT you from THRIVING in the life and love you ‘have’ created.

Einstein says “You can not solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it.”

Survival consciousness can not create true thriving – it can only emulate it from the surface.

When your default is set to survival you will engage with all the things of thriving from a place of surviving.

Shifting your consciousness requires healing what has remained unhealed till now.

Who woud you be without your pain?

What would you do, what will you create if you didn’t have to carry the burden of what remains unhealed till now? How will your life be different if you dint’ have to keep being harassing by what lies right beneath the surface looking for a hole, a chink in the armor.

You can keep being a hole-filler or you can heal and relese yourself from what you are running away from

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