4S’s Framework
Elevate Your Ability to Create the Life and Love You Want: Take Sanya Bari’s Create Your Best Life & Love Scorecard


Discover the #1 Barrier to Your Personal Development Success 

Explore Your Current Ability to Create the Life & Love You Want & Key Growth Areas with the 4S Framework of Personal Transformation in Under 10 Minutes.

Designed specifically for successful people who insist on creating FULFILLMENT and JOY in their lives. This scorecard helps you understand your unique personal potential profile based on the 4S’s Framework of Personal Transformation:

  1. Self-Talk – Deepening Your Self-Understanding. Nurturing a Compassionate Relationship with Yourself.
  2. Self-Trust – Fostering Loyalty, Integrity, and Sovereignty with Your Self. Stepping into confidence by creating a reliable and trustworthy relationship with yourself.
  3. Self-Responsibility – Owning Responsibility and Taking on a Leadership Role with Your Fear, Competing-Intentions, & Defense Mechanisms
  4. Self-Commitment – Establishing a Bullish Self-Comradery with No Excuses and Full-Participation. Giving Your Self High Priority. Full engagement.

Whether you’re healing from heartbreak, codependency, or looking to create and sustain fulfillment and joy in your ‘perfect on the surface’ life. This Scorecard will give you a clear understanding of your areas for improvement and enable you to better map out the next steps in how to increase your ability to create the life and love you want the most.

So why wait? Take the assessment today and uncover the #1 blocker in the journey of your life and love.


Step 1: Take the Assessment

Answer Yes or No to the question, get your results immediately after completion.

Step 2: Get Your Scorecard

Receive your personalized 4Ss Scorecard results.

Step 3: Plan Your Next Steps

Answer Yes or No to the question, get your results immediately after completion.

We’ll use your results to help map out your next steps and guide you on a path forward.

Receive a personalized report showing your the possibility and potential in each of the 4Ss of Personal Transformational.

Discover your personal blind spots and see what stands in the way of YOU creating the LIFE and LOVE you want the most.


Make an intention not to use the scorecard not to ‘label’ yourself or box yourself in, but instead use the scorecard to override blindspot about your own behavior and empower yourself to work on what needs your attention and reinforce your strengths. SELF-COMPASSION and APPRECIATION are the key in making this an elevating experience for yourself.

Choose YES or NO for the following question from a place of CURIOSITY, not CRITICISM.

Consider your SELF-UNDERSTANDING as well as the FEEDBACK you receive from people and situations.

DON’T OVERTHINK. Answers change as we change; respond from what is present for you now.