The pain of betrayal hits hard. It violates a deeply sacred place within you.

The only thing worse than being betrayed is getting trapped in the trauma for years, recycling the painful experience over and over again. Letting ‘what happened to you’, become you.

After years of being stuck in the purgatory of betrayal, pain and confusion for 15+ years I had taken enough beatings that I finally figured out how to beat betrayal at its own game, and get on the other side of pain.

I was stuck in the pain dungeon for so long because I didn’t know the way out. Most people were clueless as to the animal betrayal pain is, and so was I. It was a fist fight in the dark.

The tremendous amount of misinformation and misbeliefs about betrayal that were rampant amongst people and professionals prolonged pain and trauma.

It’s not surprising that now it gives me purposes to help the ready and willing to navigate out of these dark waters of pain into the light of freedom and peace.

Over the next few weeks I will share snippets of what ‘I wish I knew’ about love, trust, betrayal, and getting on the other side of pain, starting with this:

Pain has momentum. It’s going to move you whether you signed up for it or not.

While you didn’t choose the pain, you can choose to use its inevitable momentum FOR yourself and evolve, or AGAINST yourself and devolve.

The more intense the emotional pain, the bigger the potential for emotional evolution or devolution. 

The more sacred the trust was which was breached, the greater the opportunity for either freedom and release or entrapped and capture.

You can harness pain’s momentum, grab a hold of it, and let it catapult you out of the place of pain.

Where would you go?

You would use the momentum of pain to get to the site of writing pain and bring healing with compassion.

Since healing isn’t linear, like me, you will likely waffle between victim-hood and victor-hood, but you will learn to navigate yourself back into conscious empowerment and always know your way back to peace.

Look out for next week’s Newsletter where I address “Should I leave, or Should I stay?”
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