A friend who is facing the uphill battle of going through the holidays after losing her 17 year old a few months texted me and gave me the advice that I am using to light up my holidays and my life.

“Make a heart picture out of every blessed moment 🫶” (yes, she used that emoji too).

A former client I have stayed in touch with for years told me that her best friend, a brilliant woman, has become permanently speech and mobility impaired.

Her friend’s health issue gave her the nudge she needed after years of stagnation to start the non-profit she kept setting aside with a hundred excuses.

These are gifts of insight for me, for all of us.

Life is fragile, we love so many people so deeply that it’s scary. We know that no one is getting out of here alive and yet we stay occupied in our latest drama and trauma instead of setting the fear-chatter aside and just living instead of just being alive.

 Everything you ever wanted lies on the other side of fear. – George Adair

When you don’t pause enough to become aware of the purpose you feel within you, when you have created so many distractions that they have muffled what you are here, in this world, to create and express, then you are living – but you are not yet alive.

Our purpose gives us life. Loving who and what we love fully without holding back for the fear of loss, gives us purpose.

We can’t connect to our purpose when we allow the constant chatter to distract us.

Purpose requires the courage and energy of love, unmasked by fear. 

If you don’t know what the purpose of your life is, then assess what you are so involved in ‘outside you’ that it doesn’t allow you to bring your attention ‘with-in you’?

Write down all of the excuses you notice within yourself so you can have one degree of separation from the drama, and really look at what’s not allowing you to be YOU?

Systematically work to release all the illusions that prevent you from truly seeing who YOU are.

It’s hard to see the label when you are inside the bottle – If you want some guidance then connect with me and I’ll help you uncover what is eluding you.

PS: These are the last few weeks to sign up for The School for Transformational Healing that is designed  to help you release what has remained unhealed till now so you can get to know who YOU are without the fear, pain, circumstances, etc.

We are opening up the virtual platform of the school soon.

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