beliefs run in the background of our consciousness, directing and controlling us in all matters big and small.

The thoughts and feelings we keep allowing and entertaining in our consciousness begin to influence our behavior. The three of them together, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, get their grounding in the BELIEFS you have collected and practiced through the years. We have absorbed most of our beliefs through psychological osmosis influenced by various people and situations in our lives. 

These BELIEFS become your programing and it runs you without you suspecting it, overloading your cognitive, emotional, and psychological system.

Since unchallenged beliefs are usually based in fear, they are set to protect you from getting emotionally hurt even if that means that they will hold you back from creating and experiencing what you want in your life and love.

Unless you make a conscious habit of regularly challenging your beliefs and revising them to fit what you want to experience, they will work against you and undermine you so selthly that you will actually start thinking ‘you’ are the one who didn’t want that promotion anyway. 

When we don’t challenge and update our beliefs often we become blind to them and run the risk of having extreme, one-sided stances that are painful for us and others around us.

WHEN should you challenge your beliefs? 

Whenever you feel emotionally uncomfortable, but most especially when you feel angry and harmed, resentful and punishing, sad and vengeful.

Beliefs can also be powerful in CREATING the experience of life that you want, just as they can be in undermining and derailing it.

If YOU have 

a dream in your heart

an intention YOU want to give life to

a calling from within that YOU want to answer, or if YOU have 

a desire to create a life that is an exception to what YOU see all around you . . .

The first order of business is to inventory the BELIEFS you have subscribed to, and steer them in the direction of YOUR DREAMS. 

It’s up to YOU to take charge of your beliefs as before they take charge of YOU.

You can join me this Tuesday (10/28/23) as I show you how to align your beliefs with what you want to experience, in the workshop: Manage Your Emotions Before They Manage You.

This was originally a workshop with a limited number of attendees but I have changed the format to include everyone who wants to attend.

If you can’t attend the workshop but are sick of being undermined by your resisting beliefs then reach out to me for a private one on one conversation and I help you see what you need to know about yourself individually.