Deep Healing When You Have Lost Hope. Changing The Course Of You Life & Love

Conscious Unification(c) Method is designed to create the shortest distance between you and your goals.
After years of supporting hundreds of people in overcoming issues that seemed impossible to resolve I have combined the most effective evidence-based practices to develop the Conscious Unification(c) method.

Conscious Unification(c) is a deep-dive into healing. It enables you to free yourself from all that holds you back from creating the life and love you want.

If you are done with getting hurt for the last time and are sick of waiting for life to start for you then this method is for you.

Conscious Unification(c) is set up to help you recognize and overcome:

  • unconscious patterns of pain,
  • self-sabotaging behaviors,
  • un-inquired thoughts,
  • harmful beliefs,
  • negative narratives,
  • attachment insecurities,

I offer one-on-one transformational coaching journeys with a very high level of support for anyone who has decided that they are done with being stuck in the same cycles of pain. If you are highly motivated to bring about change in your life and highly motivated to heal your pain and self-sabotaging patterns for the last time the coaching is for you.

I also offer live group coaching and take you through a detailed program to learn Conscious Unification in the form of a course that helps people bring about personal change.

Reach out to me via email at or text me at (973)755-2306 and let’s have a coversation.