Avoid Fighting or Upsets- Creative Ways To Love

An Unconventional Valentine’s Day in 2022 is just what’s needed. We can make a beautiful day like Valentine’s Day the celebration of love or we can use it to fight, get disappointed, hurt, confused, and disconnected.

When everything else has changed around us so much after Covid, why not decide together, as a couple, to make 2022’s Valentine’s Day be the year you change the way you think of or approach Valentine’s Day – customize the customs in Valentine’s Day to you both, to the unique people that you are.

What you choose must:

  • avoid misunderstandings, unsaid expectations, and confusions
  • be according to who you are, what you want, why you want it, and according to your schedule so you can take out where you can take out calm and concentrated time to connect with each other
  • be about connecting, loving, and being infused in each other’s company rather than about getting the right social media shot.

Expectations that you did not take the time to be aware of can take you by surprise and make what can be a fun day into a day of disappointment, a cause for upsets and fights.

It’s also helpful to not only be clear on WHAT you want but to clarify WHY you want it to.

Watch the tips on this video to change the way you approach Valentine’s day this year and for the years to come.

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