Have you ever pondered why we tend to be harshest with those we love the most? When discussing this with my clients, common responses emerge:

  • Perhaps we take each other for granted.
  • Maybe the intrigue is lost because we have too much information.
  • It could be a reaction to their perceived hostility towards us.

After years of studying and working with relationships I have found the ones we love suffer the brunt of how we treat ourselves. They have earned the unfortunate privilege of us treating THEM the way we treat OURSELVES.

This phenomenon, known as emotional projection, reveals a challenging truth: our perceptions of others mirror either our inner loving or our unresolved pain. The way you treat others is the way you treat yourself.

In the simplest terms the most leveraged way to heal your relationship with someone is to start healing your relationship with yourSELF.

Couple hugging each other.

And the best way to heal ANY relationship (including self-relationship) is to become clear on if you are loving the person from an unstable, reactive, or emotional love or from a secure, responsive, wise love.

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