In episode 115 of The Couples Expert Podcast Stuart’s topic is Discernment Counseling with Sanya Bari from Mountain Lakes, New Jersey where she counsels couples in trouble. She works to help them look at their decisions in a new way that allows them to make a less impulsive and more informed decision about whether to end their marriage or to do the work needed to save it. Listen as Stuart and Sanya discuss the details and benefits of discernment counseling for couples on the brink of divorce.

What you’ll learn on today’s podcast:

How Sanya started in this field at 6:47

Why discernment counseling at 7:45

Definition of discernment counseling at 12:03

The questions couples need to answer for the process at 14:21

The high percentage of couples that come in for counseling are unsure If they want to continue in the relationship at 20:53

What if expectations or demands are unrealistic at 25:40 Soft and hard reasons for divorce at 27:43

How couples can save their marriages most of the time  at 29:20

Stuart’s question about the process at 33:15

How discernment counseling is a win-win for all at 35:00 Read the full show notes here