The pain of betrayal cuts to the core of all things beautiful and joyous in life. It becomes impossible to enjoy any luxury or blessing when your heart is torn in pieces. The relentless nature of the demoralizing pain can turn you into a lifeless being. Hate, jealousy, mistrust, anger, and pain can pull down the brightest souls, and sink the best individuals. An untreated broken heart slowly beings to cause physical (health) issues as well.

Have hope, healing and recovery are possible! It is imperative that when you get up to rebuild, you get the support and guidance of people who know what they are doing. It’s not a moment where you can afford for therapy to fail. Don’t give up before you come to us.

We pride ourselves on knowing the most cutting-edge techniques and therapies to respond to any and all issues dealing with relationships. You can come for individual or couples therapy and experience the Healing Model we have developed using evidence-based practices. You can opt to have a few sessions of Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ACT) to get quick relief from pain and trauma.

From infidelity issues, divorce-related problems, heartbreak, loss of love and connection, pre-nuptial therapy and any issue related to relationships – contact the best counselor in NJ for effective therapy after an affair, divorce, discernment counseling.

Never let the pain resurface and take you down – you deserve better! We’ll help you get back on your feet even stronger and wiser.