As you step into the new year there are some things to keep in mind to make sure that this is the year you are finally going to be able to stay true to the promises and goals you have made for yourself.

No one stands in our your way but yourself.

While it hurts to hear that you have been your own biggest barrier, it also empowers you because it means that you have control over getting rid of that barrier.

Knowledge Is Power:

Having awareness of where you are and where you want to go takes the veil of uncertainty off, and makes it more likely for you to succeed. After all, you can’t fix something you don’t understand.

Goal Check:

Make a list of your goals. Screen these goals to make sure they are realistic. Modify any unrealistic goals, but be careful not to confuse being realistic with being lazy or not courageous. If your goals are realistic then consider all you have done in the past to reach your goals that has not worked. Take responsibility for where you went wrong and write it down.

“Admitting your mistakes and taking responsibility for them is half the battle.”

Self Screen:

For each goal screen yourself and think about which of your attitudes and behaviors are holding you back from succeeding. Pay special attention to the goals you have not been able to achieve year after year. If you have actually been able to achieve some of your goals in the past, take note of what you did right so that you can emulate it and apply it towards achieving your other goals as well.

Kindness Please:

As you begin to realize the changes you need to make to you ‘self’, be careful not be mean to your ‘self’. Know that you did the best you could under the circumstances. When you are ready to bring about positive change put these old negative attitudes and behaviors aside kindly. Tell them ‘thank you for your help but I don’t need you anymore.’ Hating yourself for your past choices will only set you back from where you need to be to do the brave work of daring to reach your goals. Use the past only as something to learn from and to propel you forward, not as something that holds you back.

It’s Not Me It’s Them:

If you feel there is someone who is preventing you from reaching your goals it’s time to evaluate your relationship with that person. Ask yourself ‘Why am I listening to this person’? ‘What can I do to change this’, ‘Where am I headed if I keep listening to this person?’

It is important to realize that even when it feels like there are others standing in your way, it is still your choice to listen to them or not. Once again where this statement puts the blame on you, it also informs you that you have control over the direction of your future.

“Please remember not to EVER give up.”