Conscious Reprogramming is a psychotherapeutic method developed by Sanya Bari that reveals – the barriers preventing you from creating the life and love you want to experience.

Using Conscious Reprogramming, we collaboratively unveil—pain patterns, hidden defenses, harmful beliefs, negative narratives, attachment insecurities, and un-inquired thoughts that make up your programing—that keep bringing you back to the life experiences you have been trying to avoid. 

Through Conscious Reprogramming you can recognize, heal, and finally free yourself from the unconscious programming that your life has been running on.

Sanya Bari’s professional education, clinical experience, and (most importantly) personal struggles have guided and inspired her in developing the Conscious Reprogramming method.

It has already helped hundreds of people experience life in a way they only dreamed of.

She is now looking to use this tried and true method to guide and support whoever is motivated to move from pain and confusion to experiencing joy, wholeness, and deep fulfillment.