Sanya Bari

This is an FAQ for people who want to take a stand for the life they want and no longer want to be stuck in cycles of pain, confusion, and stagnation.

I have worked all of my professional life as a licensed therapist, a national certified counselor, and a trauma specialist, but it wasn’t until I almost lost everything that I took a stand for my life and started to change the trajectory of my life from ‘just living’ to ‘being alive’.

I know a thing or two about living a default, programmed life that looks good on paper and has the reasonable color to create swooning social media posts, but feels empty, exhausting, and like a fake facade that insists on upkeep.

After two Masters degrees in Counseling and three years of studying Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica with a concentration on Consciousness Health and Healing, I have established The School for Transformational Healing where I use science and compassion to teach people to HEAL what has remained unhealed FOR THE LAST TIME and unlock the most EXTRAORDINARY versions of themselves yet. LIFE and LOVE become peaceful, easy, meaningful, and exciting.

You may not know everything about RESOLVING the situation you face right now, but you DO know that WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN DOING thus far HAS NOT WORKED.

What I will convey to you now is wisdom that comes from the depth of pain, confusion, and a hopelessness that anything would ever change. I’ve been there and I’m never going back.

I’m here to take you along with me so you don’t have to recreate the wheel or suffer as I know I had to to learn what you need to learn to set yourself FREE to crack yourself OPEN, and to finally live the LIVE and create the LOVE you have always wanted.

Without the NEW . . . you will keep creating the OLD – is that good news?
Take on the position of a LEARNER. Choose to see with FRESH EYES. Choose to TRY OUT what intrigues you or makes sense to see if it fits, knowing you can always toss it out if it doesn’t.
Let’s go!

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