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My guilt can be so strong and ruminating that sometimes I do things just to shut off or quiet the constant mocking chatter.(Required)
I believe that if I keep reminding myself of the mistakes I have made I am more likely not to repeat them.(Required)
Many times I don’t want to do something for someone, but I don’t say ‘no’ because I don’t want to deal with how guilty I will feel if I don’t.(Required)
I stay on top of the game by being so self-critical that I can see and fix my mistakes before others catch them.(Required)
People closest to me complain that I criticize them too much, but I do it because I love them.(Required)
If someone I love doesn’t do for me as much as I do for them I remind them of how much ‘I’ have done for them.(Required)
I speak to myself in a critical, commanding, demanding, and sometimes mean voice, like a boot-camp counselor.(Required)
I don’t like people who don’t go out of their way for others.(Required)
I don’t like it when people are selfish about their own happiness above others.(Required)

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