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“Heal your relationships,
heal your life.”

– Sanya Bari

Conscious Unification©

An Experiential Course Designed To Be Transformational

Find the Solutions To Your Challenges With The Best Combination of Science And Consciousness

Benefits Of This Course:

You will recognize, heal, and finally release yourself from the unconscious programming that has been controlling your life.

You will learn to heal the past without anyone’s permission or contribution.

You will start developing the emotional confidence to respond to future challenges.

You will recreate: trust, safety, peace, and joy in your life after betrayal, divorce, death, etc.

You will create self-love, self-confidence, and self-turst. 

You will create boundaries to love with safety and integrity so you don’t get hurt or taken advantage of for being nice. 

You’ll learn to attract hight quality partners that don’t hurt you and/or waste your time without a commitment.

You will learn how to experience unconditional wholeness, fulfillment, and love. 

This course will help you if:

  • You are sick of how your life or love is right now and don’t see a possible solution for relief.
  • Your partner is becoming hopeless and is checking out of the relationship and you want to change or you’ll lose them.
  • You want to heal your relaitonshp but your partner doesn’t want to get help. (When you change in a profound way, the whole relationship changes).
  • You want to have a better outcome of love and life than what you see around you.
  • You are working to heal from heartbreak, infidelity, separation, divorce, death.
  • You are trying to figure out how to accept your partner back after the discovery of a betrayal.
  • You are want to uncouple consciously with or without your partner for the sake of your and/or your family’s sanity and healing.
  • You did not have positive role models of relationships and want a new way to create a healthy relationship.
  • You both love each other but are not in love anymore and want the spark back.

Advantages Of A Group Process

When a group of people with similar challenges and goals comes together, healing happens naturally, and in real-time

Add a community of compassionate support and the group becomes a container that’s incomparable in catalizing a transformation.

There is healing inherent in witnessing how many others hurt as deeply as you do and experiencing how they can heal like you, with you.

Every member of the group is carefully-selected and interviewed before acceptance into the course to ensure the spirit of the program remains robust.

The course is designed to dissolve: crystalized guilt and shame, established negative self-talk patterns, painful judgments, harmful beliefs, and hidden projections. The release is palpable and freeing.

Not Just A Course . . .

You will get to experience what you are learning and practice it in real time.


You Will Experience Four Broad Themes

Finding Barriers To Sucess

Discovering and Undoing Programing

Creating New Neural-Pathways To Reach Your Goals

Re-programing With Consciousness Unification

This Course Entails:

Six 90-min Experiential Group Coaching Sessions On Zoomf

The Format Is:

An intimate group of 9 to 15 people

(Larger groups please inquire via email)

Bonus Perks:

8 Weekly Bonus 1-hour Live Question & Answer Sessions ($500 Value).

Access to your own cohort community for the support that you have access to indefinitely

Unlimited support from Sanya during the course via email or text.

A 1-hour Complimentary Coaching session for you with Sanya ($500 Value).

A 1-hour Complimentary Coaching session with Sanya for you to give as a gift to a friend ($500 Value).

“This course is not for anyone who is not serious about deep healing. I know this might scare some people off but it’s just as well because you don’t want to take this course if you are not looking to bring about a change. But if you are sick of where you are and are ready to do what it takes to change then you can use this as a catalyst for that change. It will challenge you, it asks for your attention, it asks for your commitment, and your courage in being able to see what you may be avoiding, in being able to be vulnerable beyond what you are used to . . . but when you are done you ‘will’ be transformed. Sanya says “the course gives you back what you put into it” and that part is true too. I was pretty much told by my wife that I ‘have’ to attend so I did come into the course begrudgingly but when I realized what I am a part of, I stayed in the course for me and I finished it as a new person. I hope Sanya offers another course soon, otherwise, I may just repeat this one again, this time without the initial resistance.”


“I took this course with my wife and it saved our marriage. We both love each other so much but we couldn’t figure out how to foster our love and use it to not break each other. We were in trouble. We went to two different marriage therapists and we couldn’t figure it out. We were nearly hopeless and felt the kindest thing to do would be to agree to go our separate ways in the most amicable way possible when a friend told us about Sanya. This course saved our marriage and gave us the hope we were looking for. It’s not like we didn’t want to heal and love each other deeply, it’s that we just didn’t know how. The advice people have actually made things worse. We are so happy we saved our marriage for our sake and for the sake of our beautiful kids. We didn’t know there was a way to be married and still be ourselves. To be happy and thrive as individuals and as a couple. The course is remarkable in its ability to let you experience what is being taught. If you give yourself to the process you will heal the way we did.”

School Teachers

“This course truly is; transformational. The best thing about the course is that it is experiential you are not just being given information, you are growing and evolving as the class is progressing. The emphasis is not so much on information feeding as it is on ‘real time’ evolution. I have to say I was a little freaked out about the course but I am so glad I did it because there is no way I expected to feel as calm and connected as I do and that’s saying a lot with all of the chaos I was in when I joined. I feel like a different person inside, it’s like I have a new lens to see the world through and everything is kinder, safer, and more loving around me. I am never going back to the old me. I don’t ever want to see the world in any other way. I am looking forward to the next course that will be offered.”

University Professor

“I always knew I needed to change but I was afraid of moving away from what I knew. I was also worried that if I changed myself for the better I may not want to be in my marriage anymore, so I stayed small and dissatisfied until I just couldn’t take it anymore. A major life event jolted me out of my familiar/comfort zone and I knew that change was now a requirement not a luxury. Even with my resolve I didn’t know how and what change looked like. Bless my friend for telling me about Sanya and her Conscious Unification Method. I was so relieved to find a structured way to approach the healing, but nothing could have prepared me for the depth of what I experienced in the course. The best part was that it was experiential and I was getting to practice what was being taught during class. The material was organized and touched parts of me that were dying to be awake. Sanya has a warm way of presenting and showing up, it’s clear that she actually cares. I love the community that was created as a result of it. I plan on staying in touch with all of my course-mates. I highly recommend this course on so many different levels but I want to leave by saying “do it for you”. You’ll thank yourself later.”


“This is a course that shoots all the courses I have taken on personal development out of the park. Being a therapist myself I am a snob when it comes to personal development courses and I did go in with a “we’ll see if it’s as good as they say” attitude. I thought what she taught me that I haven’t heard of before, but boy was I in for a surprise. I have learned more from this course than I did in my relationship class in grad school. I think these concepts should be taught to everyone regardless of their area of interest so we don’t have to suffer for years in relationships before we figure out how to actually create and sustain the relationships we are looking for. As a therapist, I recommend this course to anyone who has a relationship and they actually care about making it lasting and fulfilling.”

Addictions Therapist

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